Acrobatics classes

Acrobatics and gymnastics

Acrobatics is literally the "mother" of sports and circus.

So acrobatics comes in handy not only for those interested in acrobatics as a sport discipline, but also for those whose heart gravitates toward extreme sports, from parkour to bmx to martial arts.

 acrobatics will teach how to safely "walk on the edge"

In ancient Greek, "acrobat" is "walking on the edge," that is, doing things on the edge of human ability.

Acrobatic training is a comprehensive development of body abilities:

Children with their flexible joints, elastic ligaments and growing musculature find acrobatics at least initially useful.

In addition, during the training under the guidance of a qualified trainer, children develop discipline, will, the ability to achieve their goals. In general, mastering one's own body masterly is a very useful skill for life!
Cost of training: $10

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This section is for you if you dance, do martial arts, or just dream 
of  learning to do somersaults.