About Us

Our mission is the development of extreme culture and sports in their multifaceted manifestations.

Our activity is based on the fact that modern sports are often much more spectacular than classical ones. Therefore, in addition to training for all comers we provide demanded commercial services for public and private companies: the preparation of show programs and the creation of image products with the best athletes and artists of different genres.

Our approach is to be a step ahead of "standards", showing courage, not only in sports achievements, but also in advertising and show products. As a thought leader for thousands of fans and followers, we inspire people to improve their bodies and spirits, to move forward and show their individuality brightly.
Our roster includes masters of different spheres: sports, music, directing, design, visual arts, show business. No project is impossible for such a company.
Our history began in 2009, when a small group of like-minded people entered the sports and advertising market.


8 Rue Léo Lagrange, 38100 Grenoble, France