The creation of myAudiophilestore results of an innovative project based on bringing new technologies to the audio market in Portugal and in Europe, which not only offers a wide range of quality products, but also provides access to internationally renowned brands and has customized solutions adapted to your space and time, so you can enjoy your music ... quietly.

The myAudiophilestore mission is to be an online platform of reference in the world of audio both nationwide and in Europe, making it a complementary element to the traditional trade, thereby enhancing access to quality services and products. Therefore, we consider that, increasingly audiophile customers want quick access to specific products, using all available technologies at their disposal. That enables them to access better quality products and affordable prices.

With that in mind we created myAudiophilestore.

Given the high quality and reliability of the products displayed and its excellent price/ quality ratio, this online platform, in addition to the direct sale of audiophile products, also provides, professional services, equipment installation and consulting, maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction. There are obviously other audio sites in Portugal and in Europe, but they focus their approach in the presentation of the company, know-how and the solutions they offer their customers, without however, presenting the products, pricing and purchasing mechanisms, which we honestly consider a serious flaw.

All equipment is brand new, and although there is a section for Used items on the myAudiophilestore store, this portal sells only equipment in good working condition. We believe these are essential conditions for the dedicated audiophile to enjoy quality products. All equipment available on this platform is carefully selected through rigorous auditions, in addition to a careful assessment of all parameters of their construction.

Why buy a product at myAudiophilestore? What immediate benefits do we give to our customers? Are there discounts for special and regular customers?

1. Location: This online platform enables the delivery of any product, quickly and effectively to all potential buyers who, due to its geographical location are not near a dealer, who cannot make a careful listening to a particular element, or are unable to go to a store in person but still wish to purchase a product or accessory

2. Convenience: Offering a wide variety of products with online consultation of technical specifications, all equipment can be acquired out of the normal operating hours of the traditional trade stores, its available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

3. Online payments: Besides Bank transfer, this portal will have online payment methods, including VISA and ATM references

4. Security: This site has all the security mechanisms and devices such as digital certificates, which not only ensures the security of transactions but also the confidentiality of our clients data and we assure that our customers data will not be disclosed to third parties

5. Consulting & Technical Support: myAudiophilestore will also have a set of elements that, due to the acquired know-how, provides consulting and custom installation services

6. Deliveries: All deliveries (only if indicated otherwise) will be performed by a carrier, making the whole delivery process faster

7. Discounts: For our regular customers there will always exist special offers and vouchers, allowing the purchase of any equipment at truly affordable prices.

If you already have audio equipment, whether is a simple 2 speaker-amp-cd system, or a multichannel one, we can help you optimize it, and suggest how it can be upgraded. This is how we will try to create a good relationship and trust with our customers. 

The passion is the same, it’s called Music.